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Top Whistler Winter Activities


Whistler après-ski is one of the most popular times to visit the resort. Whistler is such a huge resort in Canada that millions flock to visit each year but it truly does have so much to offer. You don’t just have to love skiing to visit; and you are going to love everything that is on offer too. However, what are the top activities in Whistler during winter?

Enjoy the Mountain Ranges

Whistler Blackcomb BC skiing has become very popular. This skiing trail is very challenging but fun and whether you are an experienced skier or just a beginner, you are going to enjoy the challenges on offer. Of course, there are plenty of skiing trails to choose from as well as the mountain ranges. The resort does get a lot of snow each year so you will always have something to do while you’re here.

Snowboarding On Christmas?

One of the biggest and most popular winter activities in Whistler has to be snowboarding. This is truly a favorite for many and it does offer a lot of opportunities too. You can snowboard alongside some pros or even just learn how to stand up on them! Really, you have the ability to go snowboarding at any time, even during Christmas. That is one of the biggest reasons why snowboarding has become a popular choice for those visiting Whistler. Whistler Blackcomb skiing may be popular but so is the snowboarding.

whistler-dog sledding

Dog Sledding

This is a unique but fantastic activity for you to try. You don’t need to ski and you can enjoy a traditional dog sled which is really quite amazing. Of course, you can see some amazing sights as the tour goes on. You will truly fall in love with the slopes here and to be honest, if you don’t like to ski much, this is a perfect alternative for you. You can still enjoy the mountains without setting a foot on the snow yourself. The Whistler après-ski will appeal to all.

Try Snowmobiling

This is something similar to dog sledding except you are the one in charge. You can take a snow mobile out and explore the places you couldn’t when trying Whistler Blackcomb skiing. You can take lots of amazing trails when you use your snow mobile and you can get a fun day planned out. You don’t have to do any skiing and you will enjoy the breathtaking scenery on offer too.

Don’t Forget About Whistler Blackcomb Nightlife

Just because its winter time, it doesn’t mean to say you can’t still enjoy what the resort has to offer at night! Really, there are plenty of amazing nightclubs and bars to visit during the evening time when you’ve finished skiing. There are lots of lovely places to dine out and have a drink afterwards too. As well as nightlife, there are also some great Whistler accommodations to choose from. You will enjoy everything it has to offer and it will be something you enjoy too. Whistler Blackcomb nightlife can be a fun activity as well as the skiing.

How Will You Spend Your Day?

Whistler has to be one of the biggest and most visited ski resorts in Canada and the world. It truly is one of the best because it offers a variety of activities for everyone no matter their age. This is why Whistler has become a vastly popular resort and why millions choose to visit here each and every year too. You will enjoy all activities from Whistler Blackcomb skiing to experiencing the friendly delicacies.

School Ski Trip During Term time ‘Mission Impossible’

Ski Trip

One of the most exciting events for school children could be to take them on  a school ski trip. In addition to it being a road trip and a change of scenery, most children enjoy the snow and skiing or learning to ski is a very fun and useful activity for them. On the other hand, events like this with a large number of students can be very challenging to plan and execute as it is a big responsibility for the school and there are many risks involved. There are however a few things that can be done to turn that trip from mission impossible to a rather fun and enjoyable event for both the students and those accompanying them.

Know the students’ levels

In events like this where the levels of knowledge may vary greatly, it is important to know what the participants’ skills are. Sometimes, depending on the age and the levels, it is safe to assume that taking a basic levels course would be the right way to go. That way it allows the less experienced students or those have not skied before to learn the basics and practice over the time they are there, while at the same time giving the more experienced kids the chance to practice their skills and levels.

Go on organized trips

There are organizations whose job is to plan ski trips for large numbers of people and children specifically. Considering the logistical challenges related to such planning, it may be a good idea to book such trip on Tremblantsunstar.com. Those organizations usually have checklists and provide you with all the necessary things that you need from the legal to the logistical aspects of the trip. This can save a lot of time and allow the teachers accompanying the students to free their minds from the logistical challenges and focus on ensuring their safety and security.

Parental consent and safety information

Before going ahead with any trip, one should take care of the legal and the liability requirements. On school trips, it is safe to assume that most participants are minors and the parents need to consent to any trips. It is the responsibility of the school to ensure that they have this information and that the students have the health insurances they need, especially if the trip involves leaving the country.

Have a clear list of the items needed

Ski Trip

It is important for such a trip to be planned enough in advance so that the parents have enough time to give their consent as well as prepare all the necessary items needed. A list of items should be made a while before and people should ensure that their children have got their necessary items labeled clearly for their trip.
Planning a school ski trip can be mission impossible indeed as it requires a lot of organizing and planning ahead of time.

Post Ski Trip Season Activities You Can Do This Summer

Ski Trip Season Activities

Ski resorts are beautiful areas that are often on hills with a beautiful view on a nearby city or even potentially a lake or another hill; if you look at the popular site Tremlantsunstar.com you will find that some of these resorts are not only open for skiing. Many such places are often open all year long and offer a different set of activities to do in the warm summer months. Here are a few post ski trip season activities you can do this summer.

Zip lining

Located on hills and usually overlooking pristine views, many resorts offer the perfect location for zip lining. It is a very convenient spot for this adventurous activity and it allows people to have a terrific view, underneath. It makes for a fun summer activity while allowing people to leave the city and enjoy a few days away from the noise in a cool and pristine environment.


Hiking is a great summer activity that can be done in the ski areas. Areas such as Whistler Premier are hilly and beautiful and provide such amazing scenery in the summer. Furthermore, since they are higher up in the mountains they are often covered with trees and have a nice, shady and cooler spots that make the perfect environment for a nice hike. Many of the trails are already there as they can serve as routes during the winter and such areas are already well known and people want to visit them all year long. Planning hikes in the ski regions is a great way to enjoy the beautiful scenery while at the same time keeping up physically with the altitude and that kind of environment.


Many ski resorts usually have cabins or camping grounds in and around the area. Camping makes for a fun and careless activity in the summer months. Imagine staying at Whistler Premier during the summer months and enjoying all the beautiful scenery. Whether between friends or as a family friendly activity it is a great opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors, take a breath of fresh air and enjoy the wilderness. In addition to that, it allows for people to enjoy the facilities available, especially that many areas will have lakes or hiking trails nearby for swimming and other fun summer activities.

Ski Trip Season Activities

Just like in the winter, ski resorts ca make for a terrific vacation spot in the summer months. The scenery, the heights, the landscape and the facilities that are already existent make for a great vacation spot. In addition to the pristine views, such locations offer a cooler environment to be enjoyed away from the hot summer days in the crowded cities.

They often offer events to be enjoyed by people of all ages, so they can be family friendly or for groups of athletic friends or even for summer camp. Check out your favorite site Tremblantsunstar.com and look for some interesting activities that will make your summer vacation just as pleasant and enjoyable as the winter ski trips.

Preventing Dehydration During Your Ski Trips

Ski Trips

On your stay at  Whistler Premier, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. With the altitude, sunny and cold weather and the energy spent while skiing and practicing winter sports, it is very easy to lose track and you will find yourself dehydrated and suffering from all the annoying symptoms that come with it. It can be very inconvenient and present a barrier to you enjoying your skiing trip. So here is how you prevent dehydration on your ski trips.

Get enough to eat

Skiing is an exhausting activity, it is very physically demanding and people on ski trips are usually there to make the best out of their time and do not want to waste a minute doing “unnecessary” things, such as eating. Many say that the lunch break around noon is the only time a skier takes to ingest anything into their system.

This can be extremely problematic because this highly physically demanding activity can wear you out and considering the altitude of places such as Whistler Premier, you will find yourself dehydrated and sick before you know it. In addition to eating well in the morning and having a big lunch high in proteins and carbs, you should consider an afternoon day break to eat some snacks and drink hydrating beverages.

Get a water bottle

In addition to taking enough breaks and giving your body the amount of food it needs to survive the physical need activities such as skiing and snowboarding require, you need to drink a lot of fluids. Having a water bottle with you at all times allows you to get enough liquid into your body which is exactly what you need. There are also other systems designed to have water accessible to the skier that should also be considered if you find carrying a water bottle is cumbersome or inaccessible depending on the activities you are doing.

Vitamin or protein water

Many people would say that they do not have time for an afternoon break on their ski trips as they do not want to take time away from the main reason they are on this trip. That’s where vitamin and protein water come in handy. Rich in vitamins, proteins and electrolytes, such products are extremely hydrating and can easily and quickly replace the energy spent during those trips. Having liquids into your system is very important and with such products it is not only water that you are getting but also energy that will help you go on with your day in a place such as Whistler Premier ski resort.

Ski Trips

Never underestimate the importance of water and staying hydrated. Winter sports such as skiing are very hard on your body and require a huge amount of effort. They take up your energy and water levels. Furthermore, ski trips are often multi-day trips were the activities are repeatedly taking place over a few days which puts a higher strain on the body.

5 Items You Need When Going for a Skiing Expedition

Skiing Expedition

If you are using Tremblantsunstar.com for your next ski trip especially for a few days, you will find it requires a fair bit of planning especially with the number of items usually needed for such trips. This article looks in details at 5 items that are important to bring along when going for a skiing expedition.

Travel essentials

Just like any trip, a ski trips needs some of the basic items used for any trip. Those include insurance details, reservations, maps and directions, accommodations details, and any personal items one may need such as personalized medication, cell phones, computers or tablets, etc.

Ski or snowboarding gear

If you are planning a trip to Whistler Premier, it is essential to any trip on this type to bring along the basic equipment needed for this. Skis or snowboards are often personalized to the person’s height and needs. Hence it is very important to make sure that those items are travelling with you at all times. Of course, it is possible to rent equipment on the spot, but keeping in mind that rentals could get expensive and that often ski equipment can be personalized, one should look into buying those and keeping them for the long term. It would be a good investment to do so. In addition to the skis and snowboards, one also needs snow boots, water bottles and helmets.see my latest blog post at http://www.belvederesuite.ca/preventing-dehydration-ski-trips/

Ski or snowboarding clothing

This includes everything from the googles, to warm hats and gloves, waterproof snow suit and insulating socks. Many of these items can be bought at specialized stores and are usually of a good quality that they would last for a few seasons. Make sure you buy good quality items even if they were to cost more initially, consider it as an investment and you will find, it will sooner or later pay off.

Other clothing items

In addition to the ski or snowboarding clothes, you will need to pack warm and waterproof clothing for the rest of the trip. Keep in mind that the area would be cold and you need to make sure you are well dressed for it. You may want to also pack a bathing suit. Many ski resorts have natural water hot tubs or hot tubs that are made outside. In addition to the benefits that being in a hot tub after skiing has on your body, it is one unforgettable experience to be outside in warm water surrounded by snow, you do not want to miss out on that.view more latest update on this link.

Camera and computer

Skiing Expedition

Ski resorts such as Whistler Premier are usually very pristine areas and offer great opportunities for taking photographs. Many would want to treasure those moments and record or take photos of themselves or their loved ones skiing or snowboarding. A video camera offers such a great opportunity to ensure those moments are captured and kept for a long time.

Skiing trips combine fun, sports and pristine views all in one nice vacation. If you are a ski enthusiast, do not wait any longer, go to Tremblantsunstar.com and find the resort of your choice for an unforgettable vacation.

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